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List of good Curl commands

I use CURL for debugging my REST endpoints every now and then if I don’t want to use Postman or DHC clients. I usually like to copy paste results / statistics from command line into emails to my colleagues. This gives them a plain jane command which they can use to test themselves as well as compare their results with mine. The following article has some good pointers on how to use CURL and some very practical examples have been provided.

15 Practical Linux cURL Command Examples (cURL Download Examples)

Open IoT Stack (Internet of Things)

I came across this article on DZone which talks about Open IoT Stack for Java. This stack is envisioned to allow developers to make apps on light weight devices to build IoT solutions. This press release from Eclipse drives home the point as to why IoT is no longer a hype and much more of an imminent reality in the near future. Another report from Vision Mobile talks about how a network of app entrepreneurs might push IoT to unprecedented heights.

Akka for Reactive Programming

As I mentioned in my previous post reactive programming has a compelling reason for adoption as it allows developers to focus on their data flow and business logic. Akka has come across as a tool to enforce reactive programming. It allows you to create distributed and concurrent applications of high complexity in shorter and more manageable time frame.

FireFox OS

I have heard some good things about FireFox OS and with recent launches for ultra cheap FireFox OS based handsets in India I think that HTML based development of apps for this OS will be a different experience. I have had some reserved feelings about HTML5 development on Android and iOS platform. Somehow I felt that HTML5 development was feature limited on the mobile platform. However with FireFox OS I think I would definitely give it a try and post my experience on this blog.