Monthly Archives: September 2012

Founding Principles for a Development Shop

A development shop can be broadly associated with service delivery (consultation and service at cost) or product delivery (product sold at cost).  I think the following principles could be applied to both:
  • Always try to Innovate
  • There are different ways of solving a problem. Try finding the best approach.
  • Have faith in your teams capability to deliver anything.
  • Have faith in yourself and believe that you have potential to change the world.
  • You need to have flexibility and the capability to move fast.
  • Always try to work in the team but also hold your identity.
  • Believe in sharing knowledge and tips.
  • Trust your colleagues.
  • Avoid bureaucracy and politics like plague.
  • Customer is the king. If a customer doesn’t know something be ready with a training session.
  • An absurd idea is not always a stupid idea. Be open and receptive.
The core belief is the willingness to innovate and allow customer to be the final judge.