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Eclipse Maven – Download Sources and JavaDoc

Eclipse Maven integration has improved quite a bit and I find it somewhat comparable to the excellent Maven integration provided by Netbeans. I recently required to debug third party jars and I needed their sources for this purpose and as a general practice I always download the javadoc for any third party library I use. This is easily done in Eclipse using the following approach.

Do it per project

Eclipse Maven Context Menu for Project

Eclipse Maven Context Menu for Project

Do it for all projects

Eclipse Maven Properties Dialog

Eclipse Maven Properties Dialog

Google Graveyard

We are so focused on the next thing being done or released that we don’t really have time to think about what was discarded. An interesting link about Google Graveyard which basically lists the products / tools abandoned by Google over a period of time.

I think the mantra of success is not only about what to do next but what to move on from. Falling in love with your creation or an idea can be dangerous if you are not looking at the big picture of adoption rate and impact being created by your work.

Finding unread email in Android GMail Client

Recently I noticed that my GMail inbox showed ‘0’ unread emails but my Android phone showed ‘1’ unread email persistently. I found the following trick which solved this problem. On my handset I clicked on ‘Search’ option and then typed the following in the search bar:

is:unread in:inbox

This allowed me to show only unread email in my Android Gmail client. Out Popped a one and half month old email which was still unread. All I had to do was open that email and the issue was gone.

What is not clear to me is how the GMail website showed 0 unread email while the Android client showed 1 unread email simultaneously for weeks at stretch. Perhaps the Android GMail client does a better job at keeping track if you missed reading a particular email a while back.