Awesome tmux

I have always found moving between tabbed interfaces cumbersome in my Mac terminal. Finally when debugging 7 different log files sitting on 7 different servers I felt enough was enough and started looking for a solution. Enter ‘tmux’.

tmux is a terminal multiplexer which supports multiple windows inside a single terminal session and allows me to create horizontal as well as vertical panes. So I can debug the logs sitting on different servers by tailing them in different pane and then still can have one pane dedicated for executing commands. I found a very good tutorial at this and this location.

Now I don’t want to go back to the old way of having multiple tabs for multiple logs. Agreed tabs in terminal have their own place and usage but for this particular case where I am doing development and debugging multiple servers I don’t have time for a tabbed interface instead ‘tmux’ is the way to go.

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