I love developing computer software. I got introduced to programming as a 14 year old kid in my school. I got hooked to programming since then and started loving every bit of it. I am a normal guy who is never satisfied and is always dreaming the impossible. My name is Abhinav Anand and I am the founder of a software firm Techworks Technologies Pvt Ltd. My company designed application software and mobile apps using HTML5, Java and Objective C. This company is no longer in business and I have moved back into a job. I am currently working as a Solution Architect in CustoLogix Solutions India Pvt Ltd.

As a kid I started programming in GWBasic and then switched over to Qbasic. After few years of developing in QBasic I got introduced to Foxpro and I liked it’s capability of developing high quality financial software easily. I started working in the year 2001 as a freelancer and developed softwares for local business houses. During this stint I developed accounting, payroll, inventory, institute management softwares for multiple firms. The crowning achievement during this period was Cash Master and Visual Accounts which were highly used by their respective customers. I did this for almost 3 full years and I learnt from experience that it is difficult for a single person to design big product although you have more control but you are limited to your talent only. You need preferably a small talented team if you want to do anything big.

From 2004 I started working in process automation and visualization (HMI) related software. This was a rewarding experience and I developed core competence at many interesting concepts and technology. I got a great deal of experience in team based development and got a very knowledge rewarding technical sales support experience as a side gig. I learnt that making software is difficult but selling and supporting it is the actual business which is tough. It is unfortunate that the company I work for and the company for whom they designed the product have both closed their business within 4 years of my leaving. I did this for around 3 years and I learnt from this experience that you cannot focus on a single customer and grow. As a consulting firm you have to hedge your risk on multiple customers and accounts. Whereas as a product firm you need to have a very solid financial backing to break into a market and keep yourself afloat. The most important lesson I personally learnt was to keep clear of products which take better portion of a decade to become successful.

From 2007 onwards my focus narrowed down to mobile and web integrated projects. I worked on multiple projects in J2ME (Symbian, Blackberry) and Android. I saw Android’s first release and I loved the power it gave to developers in comparison to iPhone ecosystem. I think the coming of Android changed the game and gave way to the opening up of the iOS development environment to average joe developer. I knew the coming decade was going to be a mesh of mobile and web based solution.  The future is all about combining consumer electronics and software for a compelling product.

From 2010 onwards I finally got fully involved with my own venture and my focus was developing Android and iOS apps. My goal is to be identified as a dependable mobile based product maker with a solid portfolio of mobile based software. Till date my company has developed Blackberry, iOS and Android apps in variety of small to medium domains.

From 2014 onwards I started working with X-ISS Inc a US based company’s product called DecisionHPC. This is a SaaS based analytics driven report engine which can be used by system admins and managers to keep a close watch on their HPC Clusters and Disk Farms. This is a challenging opportunity as the amount of data it deals with is huge. The technology stack is pure Java and Java EE combination.

In 2015 I moved to a new company Custologix Solutions India Pvt Ltd which wanted me to hire a team and write a Retail ERP software from scratch. It has been a very challenging experience and I had to relearn a number of things to get things done. I am still not fully done with this ERP but the end is in sight. It has been a very rewarding experience to work with AngularJS, Spring Boot, Docker, Mockito etc. which were totally new to me. But the technology choices have paid back handsomely. As part of this ERP I have been commissioned to write a JavaFX based POS (Point Of Sale) client. I think with the use of JavaFX it is possible to deliver a cutting edge native desktop client. If you club JavaFX deployment with Java Web Start things start to get exciting 🙂

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